Cancer Care

As a breast cancer survivor, I have a special interest in supporting those whose lives have been touched by cancer. These experiences are life-changing, and it is my honor to help you realize the transformative potential they can have.

Cancer is a wake up call. It was my body’s way of communicating (pretty loudly!) that something in my life needed to change. Initially, I was terrified by the diagnosis, and I had big decisions to make regarding treatment. Fortunately, my path led me to a few strong, inspirational women who had survived cancer and whose lives were thriving afterward. These women supported me in making informed decisions about my course of treatment and helped me to recognize the blessings that came with the experience. Without their wisdom and love, I’m not sure how I would have survived. And now, I pay it forward.

It was my personal experience with Healing Touch during my cancer treatment that inspired me to learn the work. I was struck by what a profound difference it made during my treatment process. Healing Touch significantly reduced side effects of medical treatments and provided me with energy to continue with work and daily living.

Everyone’s experience with cancer is unique. But connecting with someone else who has lived with this diagnosis provides a level of understanding and empathy that most people in your life may not be able to offer. Regardless of your particular course of treatment, where you are in the process, or if you’re a long-time cancer survivor, I am happy to support you in your recovery and personal transformation.