Kind Words From Our Clients

“From my first meeting with Laura—even from the first informational phone call—her approach was compassionate, affirming, flexible, and intuitively tailored to my needs and personality. I consistently felt honored, respected, and heard in Laura’s presence. Also challenged, inspired, and empowered to address issues that had persisted for years. In part, it was the right time and place—I was very ready to make changes and move toward greater mental health, and circumstances in my life had heightened the need for this—but that pivotal time was fragile; it could have gone many different ways. My regular meetings with Laura propelled me toward ever more wholeness, resilience, and health. I grew leaps and bounds through her regular guidance, listening, and mentorship, and I will be ever grateful for this.” 


“The combination of psychotherapy and The Healing Touch is making a bigger impact on my life than I ever thought anything could. After every session of The Healing Touch, my whole being feels lighter and more open and ready to take on whatever it is that I am facing. The cloud of depression and anxiety that has hung over me for so long is breaking up, and I can see light shining through. This work is truly changing my life.”


“I have been working with Laura for over a year now, and we have worked together during a very tough time in my life. I have always known myself as a person who dealt with anxiety and stress in unhealthy ways, letting my body take the burden of housing those pains. Through my work with Laura in both talk sessions and healing touch therapy, my general stress and anxiety levels have lowered significantly, even while going through major life changes. Now that my situational stresses are lowering, I have continued sessions with Laura, referring to them as “self maintenance”. I sincerely look forward to my time with Laura each week. I cannot list off the exact ‘things’ that change during my sessions; after talk sessions and healing touch, it isn’t always easy to pinpoint what feels different at the end of a session. What I can say is that I leave each session feeling lighter and more free… better equipped to take on the stresses of life. Working with Laura really has changed my life. I feel lucky to know and work with her.”


“To me, Laura’s work is a wonderful example of what counseling should provide – a space where my real voice feels safe to speak and be heard.  Through a unique blend of mindfulness, practicality, and empathy, Laura has fostered some of the most powerful and insightful experiences I’ve had from therapy.  I value her willingness to make each session whatever it needs to be in the moment, and I have never left feeling uncomfortable or ashamed for simply being myself.  In that way, Laura lets my soul shine so I can find the way home.”


“Therapy is not an easy process to seek out or go through.  Once I met Laura, I felt comfortable and at ease that I had found a therapist that would accept and respect me for where I am at. I feel that Laura is extremely genuine and takes a real interest in knowing you as a whole person.  She offers a fresh perspective and allows you to explore yourself.  I have enjoyed trying new modes of therapy with healing touch and sand tray therapy.  I feel that these have added greater benefits to regular psychotherapy.  I feel hopeful and look forward to integrating these further into my journey of wellness.”


“My time with Laura was much too short, as I have recently moved to NY from Minneapolis. Meeting her and gaining an incredible amount of knowledge about myself and my soul, has truly been the highlight of my year. I feel I have grown as a woman, a human, as a friend. Life has thrown some new challenges my way over the last few months and I now realize, as I can see the light at the end of the current tunnel, that I have gained so much mental strength and I can’t thank Laura enough for her encouragement in getting to this place. Laura has helped guide me to a beautiful place mentally, spiritually, physically, and I am forever grateful.”