Meet Laura

Laura Johnson, MSW, LICSW, CHTP, RYT-200

psychotherapy + yoga + energy healing


“Emotions are essential to personal development and self-actualization (the developmental aspect). Much as a fever signifies the body is fighting off an infection, painful or negative emotions inform us that we are in the midst of a difficult situation and that learning needs to occur if we are to grow.” Michael A. Jawer with Marc S. Micozzi, M.D., Ph.D.

In The Spiritual Anatomy of Emotion

With compassion and an open heart and mind, I invite you on a journey of self-discovery and healing. I celebrate your strength and courage as you access your inner wisdom, connect with your authentic self, and recognize your value so that you may live the life you deserve.

One way that we heal is within the context of healthy, safe relationships, and it’s my intention to create the sacred space to facilitate that process for you. I’ve been working with people and families for over 20 years. I love what I do and it’s apparent to the people with whom I work. I am genuine, open minded, easy to laugh, and full of love. I believe these qualities help to provide the security necessary to look inward and explore patterns and experiences that prompt the need for healing. It is through this process we can learn to recognize beliefs and stories that no longer serve us, begin to let go of these, and create new, intentional frameworks from which to live and thrive. Taking a holistic approach to wellness, we will explore all areas of your life – mind, body, heart, spirit – and determine if these feel integrated and fulfilling and reflect your true nature. Considering the various paths to wellness, I often make referrals and recommendations that may complement our work together.

It’s typical for therapists to highlight their specific areas of expertise or how they might support you in alleviating particular symptoms or issues that you may be experiencing. I get that, but I see it a little differently. I believe in the relevance of “coping skills” and managing in the face of adversity; we all need to do this at certain times in our lives. But for lasting change to occur, we often need to uncover and heal the root cause of the problem. Once this has been cleared and balance is restored, you may create or resume a life that is aligned with your true self. If your outward life reflects what’s in your heart, you don’t need to cope anymore. You just get to live. So regardless of how your problems manifest, I am honored to support you in aligning with your true self.

This is important work, but it’s not easy. I honor your willingness to be vulnerable and self-reflect in an effort to make lasting change and live with purpose and intention. The fact that you are reaching out for support is an indication that your innate wisdom is at work. Listen to that and trust the process.

About my education and continued development

I have a master’s degree in clinical social work (MSW) and a bachelor’s degree in child psychology. I am a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker (LICSW) and have been licensed with the Minnesota Board of Social Work since 2008. In recent years I’ve studied various modalities of energy healing and am a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner (CHTP) with Healing Beyond Borders. In addition to my 200 level yoga teacher training (RYT-200), I hold a certificate in restorative yoga, which is a beautiful complement to my holistic practice. I am certified in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapy, an evidenced-based practice to treat trauma as well as depression and anxiety. And most recently I have added Ayurvedic Gem Therapy to my practice and am so excited to share this with you! I am one of those life-long learners and have often said I would go to college forever if it were free. Personal development and evolution are deeply held values of mine. I am blessed and grateful that my personal passions also support my purpose to be in service in this way.